NanoSeptic.® The new clean.™

NanoTouch® is the world’s first and only producer of products that are NanoSeptic®…
the latest advancement in continuously self-cleaning surfaces. NanoSeptic® surfaces are
engineered with a proprietary blend of material science, nanotechnology and green chemistry
to create a super-hydrophilic surface with antimicrobial properties. The result is a non-toxic surface
that continuously kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, without contributing to antimicrobial resistance.
And NanoTouch® offers more than a way to provide customers with cleaner surfaces,
it’s a way to visually communicate a commitment to their well-being at every contact point.
Why NanoSeptic® Surfaces?
The efficacy, safety, durability and ease of use make NanoTouch®
products the clear leader in self-cleaning, microbial reduction surfaces.
Whether you’re a school, hospital, cruise line, hotel, fitness facility or food
service business wanting to take your facility’s cleanliness to the next level,
NanoTouch® products never rest, continually killing bacteria, viruses and
fungi. When customized with your logo, our portable products will extend
your brand and remind customers of your commitment to their well-being.
NanoTouch® Products
NanoTouch® products are available in multiple forms: peel-and-stick
skins for facility touch points and fixed applications, mats for portable
or movable applications, and custom products.
NanoSeptic® Skins – provide a self-cleaning touch point
for door push pads, push bars, handle wraps, desktop skins,
or even grocery cart handle wraps.
NanoSeptic® Mats provide a cleaner resting
area for personal items, medications or supplies from bathroom vanities to nightstands...from tray tables to student desks.
NanoSeptic® Mats – available in multiple sizes for travel mats,
student snack mats, and larger tray table and counter mats. And our
travel versions come in a Travel Tube or tamper-evident Travel Pouch
for easy and convenient use while away from home or the office.

Bacteria, viruses and other germs
are not only an ongoing threat, but a
growing concern for the public. For this
reason, anything we can do in the medical
community to help in this fight is a good
thing. There’s no one fix. We need many
tools. NanoTouch® works in concert with
disinfectants, cleaners, hand sanitizers and
other methods for stemming the spread
of germs. It’s a great, new addition to the
tools we have at our disposal.
– Michael Miller, DDS
Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery
Richmond, VA